Competition Council authorizes 'Bauskas alus' acquisition deal

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Competition Council authorizes 'Bauskas alus' acquisition deal
Competition Council authorizes 'Bauskas alus' acquisition deal

The Competition Council has decided to allow the sale of 100% of ‘Bauskas alus’ shares to CIDO Grupa without any conditions. Parties expect to complete the deal in few months.

As mentioned before, ‘Bauskas alus’ will continue operating as an independent brewery, producing, promoting and selling its products to the market. At the same time, it will have the opportunity to utilise CIDO Grupa’s distribution network, which will allow to significantly increase the availability of its products to consumers and will promote the further development of ‘Bauskas alus’. 

Vladimirs Barskovs, the current owner of ‘Bauskas alus’, will continue with the company until completion of the acquisition. Thereafter, he will serve as a consultant on as needed basis ensuring continuity - use of traditional recipes and continued production and distribution of high-quality products.

CIDO Grupa’s chairman of the board Marijus Valdas Kirstukas says: „Decision of the Competition Council has given us a green light to join with the family of a beloved Latvian brand, and we are committed to contributing to its development. To complete the transaction, we are still working on some legal aspects, but the daily routine of ‘Bauskas alus’ has not changed: the production processes continue, and we have to do our best to prepare for the next ‘beer season’.”

‘Bauskas alus’ takes pride in a unique brewery where traditional methods are used to make products so loved by the Latvian people. ‘Bauskas alus’ will continue to organize regular tours to the brewery, inviting every beer lover to personally experience the traditional brewing process and enjoy their favourite beer.

About ‘Bauskas alus’

‘Bauskas alus’ is a brewery which has been operating in Latvia since 1981 and producing beer using traditional brewing technology. ‘Bauskas alus’ currently produces eight kinds of beer, as well as the beer cocktail Festiņš, kvass, malt drinks Veselība and Porteris and the tea fungus drink Dr. Kombucha.

About CIDO Grupa

CIDO Grupa is the leading beverages producer in Baltics. Its portfolio of products includes juices, nectars and juice drinks, natural mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, as well as beer. Since 2016 CIDO Grupa is a partner and licensed producer of PEPSICO products for Baltic region. CIDO Grupa exports its products to 15 countries around the world. 

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