“Bauskas Gaišais alus Latvijas 100” (‘Latvian 100’ light beer) to honour the 100th anniversary of Latvia

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“Bauskas Gaišais alus Latvijas 100” (‘Latvian 100’ light beer) to honour the 100th anniversary of Latvia
“Bauskas Gaišais alus Latvijas 100” (‘Latvian 100’ light beer) to honour the 100th anniversary of Latvia

Bauska brewery proudly released “Bauskas Gaišais alus Latvijas 100” as a gift to Latvia to commemorate the country’s 100th birthday. Consumers all over the country have shown a real appreciation of “Latvian 100” light beer, as its sales volume has reached 10% from the total brewery’s beer sales volume within the first 10 months of 2018.

2017 the Bauska brewery released the light beer “Latvian 100” (“Bauskas Gaišais alus Latvijas 100”) and it is available in all major trading chains nationwide and in the company store ,Miestņš un citi labumi’ in Bauska since spring 2018.


Mr. Kārlis Tomsons, the member of “Alus Brālība” (‘’The Beer brotherhood’’), has praised the novelty “Bauskas Gaišais alus Latvijas 100” which has been brewed according to the traditional brewing techniques and gained numerous fans nationwide, as well as abroad: “We are happy that ‘Latvian 100’ has been awarded at Baltic Beer Star 2017 competition-degustation which took place in Kaunas this year. Now, the image of the bronze medal awarded, will be proudly placed on the label of the ‘Latvian 100’. Congratulations!”


The colours, incorporated in the distinctive ’Latvian 100’ label, resemble those of the Latvian national flag and suggest a certain magnificence and abundance evocative of Latvia and of the full-bodied beer, created especially for the country.


Vladimir Barskov, the managing director of the brewery, has explained: “We are happy and proud that we have been able not only to create the distinctive label for “Bauskas Gaišais alus Latvijas 100”, but also through months of consistent effort and determination, trialling the best selection of hop, that we arrived at a very special recipe which resulted in the abundant and full-bodied taste of the beer. I am happy that we have been able to create this beer as a gift to Latvia and to all Latvian consumers who are proud to honour with us the most important anniversary of Latvia and who will be able to impact the country’s development and prosperity for the next century.”


“Jānis Jaunsudrabiņš said once: ‘Do you know, there is no mother in the entire world who would miss her child as much, as Latvia  - who is Mother to all of us – is missing everyone of us.’ And I think, the new light beer “Bauskas Gaišais alus Latvijas 100” to honour the 100th anniversary of Latvia is not just a gift to the country, it should be considered as a reminder to all of us to remember our country, to love and to praise it! As all what has been created and dedicated to our Latvia strengthens our self-awareness and cohesion,” continued Mr. Kārlis Tomsons.


Since 1981 Bauska Brewery has been producing beer strictly in accordance with ancestral brewing technology and in so doing the brewery has been able to retain the unique taste, so favoured by customers . The company produces not only beer, but also the highly popular non-alcoholic malt drinks, ‘Veselība’ and ‘Porteris’, the fermented tea fungus drink, ‘Dr. Kombucha’, and the naturally fermented ‘Kvass’.


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