"Bauskas Alus"  - the most favorite traditional Latvian beer 2017

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"Bauskas Alus"  - the most favorite traditional Latvian beer 2017
"Bauskas Alus"  - the most favorite traditional Latvian beer 2017

“Kultūras Pils VEF” in Riga has recentrly hosted a traditional awarding ceremony “Most favorite Latvian brewery of 2017”. This year Bauska brewery got this status. Latvian beer fans named  “Bauskas Alus” out of 44 local breweries during the internet voting on АО "Latvijas Mediji"  LA. Lv held from 10th to 25th of January, 2018.


“Novelty of the Year 2017” was awarded to “Bauskas Alus” new product – light beer ‘Latvian 100’ (“Latvijas 100”) which the brewery has proudly released at the end of 2017 to commemorate the country’s 100th birthday, though, the distinctive ’Latvian 100’ (“Latvijas 100”) label won the award “For fidelity to traditions in label design”.


Bauska Brewery was also awarded in the nominations “The most eco-friendly and socially responsible enterprise” and “The biggest increase in sales volume”.


“I am really proud of brewery’s success in 2017, as we have been able to raise our sales volume and to create a new sort of Premium light beer ‘Latvian 100’ to honor the 100th anniversary of Latvia. It was through years of consistent effort and investments, that we were able to build and to develop an environmentally friendly and socially responsible enterprise, and we appreciate that our achievements have been awarded. Though, love and appreciation of beer fans throughout the country we consider as the most important award. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all beer lovers, those who had participated in the vote and those who continue to support us every day by choosing our products. We highly appreciate this recognition and we will continue to develop,” said SIA “Bauskas Alus” board member Vladimir Barskov.

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