“Bauskas alus” brewery celebrates its 37th birthday this year

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“Bauskas alus” brewery celebrates its 37th birthday this year
“Bauskas alus” brewery celebrates its 37th birthday this year

December is a very special festive season for Bauska brewery as it started pruduction in 1981. Today our product range includes 8 different types of beer and 5 types of non-alcoholic beverages.


“I am honored and happy to have been managing the brewery since 1999 and to see it growing to one of the leading in the beer industry on the local market, known and respected for its consistently high product quality. We have been through difficult times, nevertheless we have managed to succeed in the  industry and to retain the unique taste, so favored by customers. Since the beginning Bauska Brewery has been producing beer strictly in accordance with ancestral brewing technology and in so doing the brewery launched “Bauskas gaišais speciālais” и “Bauskas tumšais speciālais”,offering beer lovers exactly the taste and the quality they expect and appreciate since decades. Carefully monitoring market trends, we have proudly released the novelty “Latvijas 100” to honour Latvia’s 100th anniversary. The company produces not only beer but also the highly popular non-alcoholic malt drinks, ‘Veselība’ and ‘Porteris’, fermented tea fungus drinks, ‘Dr. Kombucha’ and "Dr. Kombucha Hibiscus flavored" and the naturally fermented "Kvass".

We do our best to take care of our customers under the circumstances of constantly changing marketing environment and I would like to express sincere gratitude to our customers, business partners and employees. Both, our successful cooperation and hard work, have allowed us to lay foundations for the future development of the brewery,” related SIA “Bauskas alus” board member Vladimir Barskov.

10 interesting facts about the brewery:

  • 1981, as soon as Bauska Brewery started operating, we began production of barley malt, right after that the first bottles of “Senču alus” beer appeared on the shelves of the shops
  • 1982 Bauska Brewery launched production of “Bauskas gaišais speciālais” and “Bauskas tumšais speciālais”, so favored by our loyal customers to this day

  • 2003 after a long break we resumed production of non-alcoholic malt drinks “Veselība” и “Porteris”
  • 2005 “Bauskas tumšais Premium alus” appeared on the shelves of national supermarkets

  • 2011 Bauska Brewery started production of naturally fermented kvass (non-alcoholic malt drink) in 0.5 l PET-bottles

  • 2012, following new trends in the beer industry, Bauska Brewery launched production of the unfiltered beer.

  • 2014 we released the novelty “Meistara gaišais alus”, the beer dedicated to the most experienced Latvian brewer – Kārlis Zālītis.

  • 2016 we developed and started production of the fermented tea fungus drink, ‘Dr. Kombucha’

  • 2017 Bauska brewery successfully launched the production of two new drinks - “Savējais” beer and the light coctail “Festiņš” based on combination of our favorite Bauskas light beer and our fermented tea fungus drink “Dr. Kombucha”

  • 2018 we started production the fermented tea fungus drink "Dr. Kombucha Hibiscus flavoured"

Since 1981 Bauska Brewery has been producing beer according to an ancient brewing tradition, which has allowed it to retain the distinctive flavor, so loved by customers. The company produces not only beer but also the popular non-alcoholic malt drinks ‘Veselība' and ‘Porteris’, the fermented Tea Fungus drink ‘Dr Kombucha’ and the naturally fermented non-alcoholic drink ‘ Kvass’ .

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