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The “Bauskas Alus” brewery was founded in 1981. Initially, it was operated as a unit of the farmer’s canned food factory. The first brands were traditional “Marta Alus”, “Rīgas Alus” and “Senču Alus”. 


In 1982, the Brewery started producing the brands being very famous nowadays - “Bauskas Gaišais” and “Bauskas Tumšais”.


Since the very first days of the brewery up until today, our brewers have been adhering to the classic method of brewing. It’s because of this commitment that Bauskas Alus products have won a place in the hearts of beer-lovers and can be found on shelves nationwide.  


Kārlis Zālītis, the oldest and the most experienced Latvian brewer, is still working for the Brewery to this day. Kārlis Zālītis has been awarded the prestigious Fifth Class Order of the Three Stars (in Latvian—Triju Zvaigžņu ordenis) in recognition of his very significant contribution to the art of brewing in his homeland.


The brewery is known, not only for its beer, but also for its non-alcoholic malt drinks “Veselība” and “Porteris”. These drinks have been produced according to recipes and methods, developed by Kārlis Zālītis in 1961. This approach has meant that the brewery can deliver consistent flavour and, most importantly, very healthy beverages. Bauskas Alus prides itself on adding no artificial preservatives to its drinks. 


The brewery continually innovates and keeps up with the latest advances in technology in order to provide its consumers with products of the highest quality.


Even a song has been written in praise of the brewery’s high quality products:


From Bauska’s Dark to Bauska’s Lightest— 

They are my friends both,

See how they froth;

see how they splash—they are the world’s mightiest.

(R. Ādmīdiņš)