Bauskas alus

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Bauskas alus
Bauskas alus

Since 1981 the main treasure of our brewery has been and to this day remains our traditions. While in a constant process of modernization, our brewery still adheres to the old brewing methodology. We are certain that this commitment is the key to our success story. 


The high quality of our products is also guaranteed by many years' experience under the guidance of the oldest Latvian brewer, Kārlis Zālītis. His skill and understanding of brewing beer comes from more than sixty years of experience based on classical brewing techniques.


Our cornerstone products are Bauskas gaišais and Bauskas tumšais beer. Both have a tradition of excellence and have been loved by consumers for the past thirty years.


Kvass, the malt drink Portera iesala dzēriens and malt drink Veselība, the unique production technique of which was discovered by Kārlis Zālītis in the middle of the previous century, are well-known non-alcoholic beverages loved by consumers.


Meanwhile, naturally fermented Tea drink Dr. Kombucha has also become a firm favourite due to its refreshing taste, unique flavour and health benefits.